FundingKnight Likes…Streetbank

Following on from recent post, Crowdlending: Just one part of a sharing economy, it seemed only right and natural to further explore some of the fantastic social enterprises mentioned in that article and the New Statesman piece about peer to peer activity and a sharing economy.

One such enterprise is Streetbank, a not-for-profit online organisation that invites users to lend and borrow items to and from their neighbours and local businesses but also in addition, to find and share skills in all manner of areas of expertise from languages through to cooking. In their own words:

Streetbank is a site that helps you share and borrow things from your neighbours. Streetbank is meant for everyone. It is not for private benefit – for individuals to make a profit or professionals to sell their services. It is for the common good.”

With the growth of more philanthropic lifestyles becoming more and more appealing to people in times of financial difficulty, sites like Streetbank reflect a growing trend of hyperlocal organisations striving to make everyone’s neighbourhoods better places to live and work. Co-Founder Sam Stephens explains further:

“People are happier when they are are connected to each other. As we’ve grown richer we’ve become more and more disconnected until now most of us don’t know our next door neighbours. Helping someone out is a great way to make friends and build community spirit.”

Joining Streetbank is free and the possibilities are endless. Garnering some serious press attention with its launch, it shows just how fantastic its promise is, echoing other similarly driven and hugely successful online communities from newbie airbnb or the long-established freecycle.

Of course the ethos behind Streetbank links rather wonderfully to the founding ideas and principles behind FundingKnight’s crowdlending aims and objectives. We believe that similar ventures with a strong, local and community focused outlook are great and the more we can all share in the common good, the better.

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