Do you want to be in our gang? Join Crowdlending UK, our new LinkedIn group

Crowd listening to someone

If it’s your love of crowdlending or all things alternative finance that brings you to the FundingKnight blog you might well be interested in our new LinkedIn group, Crowdlending UK.

It’s still very early days – in fact, it only sprang into existence yesterday – but we’re excited to have a new way of sharing content and generally prompting discussion about crowdlending and peer to peer lending.

The group won’t be another avenue for FundingKnight self-promotion but rather aim to share genuinely interesting content about the industry.  If you head over now, you can even be one of the first to vote in our “what type of content do you want” poll and, if you’re a new finance pioneer and want to get involved by sharing some content feel free to leave us a comment below or send a message via LinkedIn.

After all, crowdlending is all about the crowd – so let’s get sharing some thoughts…

And don’t forget to head over to LinkedIn and  join Crowdlending UK

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