Crowdlending for Beginners. An outsider’s look at FundingKnight.

FundingKnight is all about people.  People sharing, people lending or borrowing money, and people’s opinions.  We’re not exactly short on an opinion or two here at FundingKnight towers but we also know that sometimes, it takes a fresh pair of eyes to really get under the skin of an issue.

That’s why, in order to spread the word a little wider and explain any jargon or philosophical barriers that may arise, we have decided to start a new series here on the FundingKnight blog which will take a newbie investor or business borrower through the process of what FundingKnight does and what crowdlending’s really all about.

So, let me introduce Katie Kennedy, freelance designer and events organiser who will be exploring why and how she could invest her money with FundingKnight.

Katie will be writing a weekly blog series.  She’ll be free to ask whatever questions spring to mind and share whatever opinions she sees fit.  She’ll basically be an independent voice explaining how the average investor can get involved with supporting – and benefiting from – independent businesses.

During the series she’ll interview some of the team at FundingKnight and share interesting thoughts on the whole industry of crowdlending and new finance. We hope that it will allow not bring Katie up to speed but help any newcomers to the blog find out exactly what we’re all about.

Katie, it’s over to you…

2 thoughts on “Crowdlending for Beginners. An outsider’s look at FundingKnight.

  1. Love it! Perhaps Katie can aggregate questions from readers and work them into her narrative. The finished result could be syndicated into an e-book that informs and educates those testing the proverbial crowdlending waters.

    And next up: a children’s book. Financial education woven into a riveting tale of a valiant knight who travels from kingdom to kingdom… ; )

  2. Great ideas, thanks Jonny… I love the idea of a book for children! First things first, though, I will definitely suggest that Katie aggregates reader questions as we want to make the content as useful as possible.

    Thanks for your input.

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