Crowdlending, crowdfunding and what will happen to bank lending?

It’s been great to see some comments coming in to our recent post, Crowdlending: A better name for peer to peer lending?

What we call this type of new finance, where everyday savers invest directly in British businesses for a better return on their money, is certainly a topic that’s set to run and run.

We’ve had some useful input from Ian Gurney, who’s website offers a great comparison of UK peer to peer lenders and some great points, shown below, from Jonny Sandlund whose own website  over at is packed full of crowdfunding resources.

comment from our blogI particularly agree with Jonny’s point that the media are likely to use crowdfunding regardless of what individual lenders might prefer.  That’s fine if it tallies with what the public want, but it does raise the question of how we educate people about the differences between debt and equity funding.

But, even before we get stuck at that level of the debate, there’s a more pressing issue to consider which is the extent to which crowlending / P2P will genuinely challenge the UK banking sector.

There’s a new crowdlending v banklending poll currently running over at the Real Business website.

When I popped along to add my vote, here’s how results were looking…

poll on the future of crowdfunding

So, what do you think?  Will crowdfunding and alternative finance put a dent in the mainstream banking system?  Why not head over to Real Business and take part, or add your weight to the name debate in our Facebook poll.

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