Adding some fizz to funding

stacked bottle of bubbly

A few weeks ago, we invited the FundingKnight community to suggest new straplines that summed up what FundingKnight stands for.

We wanted to capture the essence of new finance and threw the challenge out to the floor.

In the end, we plumped for…

“FundingKnight.  A better way to lend.  A better way to borrow.”

Nice and simple, or so we thought….

It turns out that strapline was submitted by a member of our own team here at FundingKnight.  He’s delighted that his line has been chosen, but doesn’t feel that we should hand out internal prizes, and suggested that, instead, we spend the prize fund on a couple of bottles of fizz for the customers who made the shortlist.

In the end, we found it impossible to choose between the two great entries below.

From Graham Parker,

“Armour for all your financial battles”

and from Paul Hemsley,

“There’s Knight at the end of the tunnel”

We hope to use both from time to time in our communications and hope the bottles of bubbly go some way to expressing our thanks.

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