New finance is the future…. FundingKnight makes the Huffington Post

Just a short post today to direct your attention to Nasir Zubairi’s latest article on new finance for the Huffington Post.

It’s a well thought out piece, and of course we’re glad to be mentioned in the future of new finance.

Concluding that we can’t wait for our ailing banking system to recover, he writes:

We can do better. The alternatives are already here and innovation in the New Finance sector is progressing at a lightening pace. Entirely new banking models such as Fidor Bank in Germany, Holvi in Finland and Simple and Movenbank in the US will soon migrate to the UK. There are already several young firms focusing on niche elements of financial services to deliver exceptional, transparent and cheaper services to SMEs and consumers. There are firms providing Peer to Peer based access to credit, such as Fundingcircle, Zopa and Fundingknight, other firms providing lower cost access to currency and international trade services, such as Tradeshift, Currencyfair, Transferwise and The Currency Cloud.

Like Currency Cloud, who’ve just won new funding to continue changing the world of forex and international payments for small businesses,we’re ready to start writing the future.

At the end of his post Nasir writes, “New Finance is the future we must embrace”.

Well, we’re ready…. are you?

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