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scrabble tiles spelling 'loan'We know we’re not the only ones trying to boost business funding through P2P Lending.  After all, only this week, the government has announced that it, too, is getting in on the act by making a £100m fund available for alternative lending platforms like FundingKnight.

It’s always good, however, to read genuinely insightful posts about just why P2P Lending could be such a neat form of business investment.

In his e-cademy blog, David Pitcher provides just such a post asking,

screenshot of blog post on ecademy aout P2PLending

David is kind enough to mention FundingKnight and point small businesse in need of online business loans towards the business funding page of our website, however, even without the plug, he’s written a strong analysis of our current cash flow crisis and we’d strongly recommend you pop over to his blog to read the full article Business: Is this the end of banking finance?

One comment from David, however, that I simply can’t resist sharing right now is the following one:

“History reveals that seriously challenging circumstances can also spawn creativity and the invention of new – even better – ways to succeed.”

That’s exactly what FundingKnight is about.  Finding a new way to give both P2P lenders and business borrowers a better deal.

So, head over and see what David has to say and stick around to answer some of the questions he poses.  He’s already collecting a stream of responses from people who do – or don’t – like the idea of peer to peer finance, why not add yours?

For a great analysis of the government fund for alternative lending platforms, try

Photo used under creative commons license

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