Welcome to FundingKnight

Picture of a knight lending money to British BusinessesFirst things first, a very warm welcome to FundingKnight. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and take a look at this blog.

This first post marks an important stage for FundingKnight in an exciting journey to show Britain a better way to lend and borrow money.

FundingKnight is one of only a handful of people to business lenders serving the UK economy. We match savers who are looking for a better return on their money with healthy British businesses who need funding to grow their already successful businesses.

Put simply, businesses come to us to borrow money. We get to know their business, looking beyond bricks and mortar assets and computerised scorecards, and decide whether or not to accept their application.

Once approved, loans are opened up to everyday savers like you and I to become a part of. By putting up some of your cash you’ll earn a far better return than you’d get from a deposit account and you’ll be helping to boost the British economy too.

FundingKnight combines the best bits of traditional business banking with the simplicity of doing business online. We believe in fair value for all and demonstrate this by passing on the interest our borrowers pay directly to investors, keeping interest rates as competitive as possible for everyone involved.

We have our first borrower already on the books and are ready to accept founding lenders who want to make an initial investment of £500 or more. Further details of how to invest or borrow money through FundingKnight can be found on our website and we’d love you to sign up to stay in touch while you’re there too.

We know that there is exciting change ahead for the way we lend and borrow money in the UK and we can’t wait to become a bigger part of it. We really hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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